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Employment Law Attorney St PetersburgExperience Representing Public Safety Professionals

Sometimes public safety professionals avoid calling an attorney because they are embarrassed. Sometimes it’s fear. In some cases, they underestimate the importance of the complaint, investigation, accusation or criminal charges, and they hope it will blow over.

If you are a public safety professional facing an administrative complaint or accusation, criminal charges or civil litigation, call me as soon as possible. There is far too much at stake to delay. Pitfalls and simple unforeseen errors could have terrible negative consequences to your reputation, your career and your freedom down the road.

Ken focuses his practice on defending public safety professionals in the administrative, criminal, and civil court systems. Ken has represented the Fraternal Order of Police since 2001 and has years of experience dealing with complicated issues when representing public safety professionals. As a police officer since 1981, Ken understands the unique issues facing public safety professionals and is dedicated to providing superior legal representation.

Kenneth Afienko PA is an Employment Law Attorney in the Tampa Bay area.


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